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Mollenhauer DE-1201D Denner Edition alt, Satinwood betsad, a´= 442Hz

11 800 kr Antal:

Mollenhauer DE-1201D Denner Edition alt, Satinwood betsad
Finns även i Satinwood naturell

Komplett med tillbehör och elegant läderfodral

Alto recorder after Jacob Denner (1681–1735)
Hand-crafted baroque recorders
The top class among baroque alto recorders at modern pitch

Highest soloistic demands
The basis of the historical bore shape are concepts like those developed in the most important Nuremberg woodwind instrument workshop of the Denner family – particularly of Jacob Denner. Modern working processes have made it possible to achieve a sound quality that was previously characteristic only of low pitch baroque instruments. Registers with balanced and stable intonation are the basis for the versatility of a refined sound. The characteristically direct playing combines lightness and brilliance with focused airflow.

We dedicate an extensive amount of time to crafting these exclusive instruments. Every instrument is voiced over a long period of time – periods of intense playing alternate with phases of fine tuning. In this way, the recorder maker can closely monitor and adjust the development of every instrument.

Hand-crafted instrument

  • Craftsman-made windway
  • Heavily undercut finger holes
  • Bushed thumbhole
  • Rounded and polished beak
  • Finish: historically stained, oiled and polished by hand.
  • Threaded joints

In a fine leather bag

a' = 442 Hz

Purchased parts package:

  • Instrument
  • leather bag
  • cleaning rod wood
  • Joint grease
  • Fingering chart
  • Maintenance instructions