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Mollenhauer DE-1111D Denner Edition sopran, Satinwood betsad, a´= 415Hz

9 750 kr Antal:

Mollenhauer DE-1111 sopran, Satinwood betsad, a´= 415 Hz

Finns även i naturell Satinwood DE-1111), samma pris
Komplett med tillbehör och elegant läderfodral


Highest soloistic demands

Strong and variable in tone, flexible and focused in response, stable in perfect intonation. For the finest in early music.

We dedicate an extensive amount of time to crafting these exclusive instruments. Every instrument is voiced over a long period of time – periods of intense playing alternate with phases of fine tuning. In this way, the recorder maker can closely monitor and adjust the development of every instrument.

Hand-crafted instrument

  • Craftsman-made windway
  • Heavily undercut finger holes
  • Bushed thumbhole
  • Rounded and polished beak
  • Finish: historically stained, oiled and polished by hand.
  • Threaded joints