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Zen-On New altblockflöjt Bressan, ABS-plast

525 kr Antal:
Zen-On G-1A New altblockflöjt Bressan, ABS-resin

Nyutvecklad altblockflöjt autentiskt tillverkad efter förebild i A=440Hz av P. Bressan med typisk Bressan-klang med skönt blåsmotstånd och varm barockton.

Utvecklad av blockflöjtsbyggarna Hirao och Takeyama, Japan
Tillverkas i ABS-resin

Underskurna grepphål
Stabil ton
Välvd blåskanal
Autentiskt utseende

Vikt 190 g

Fodral med tillbehör

This new Bressan plastic recorder has been designed by recorder makers Shigeharu Hirao and Hiroyuki Takeyama. Made from ABS Resin this recorder has been designed as a high quality plastic recorder modelled after Bressan's original instruments. "Relentless pursuit of perfection"

Quality, sound and innovation through a meticulously reproduced bore, undercut toneholes, arched windway and authentic look.

Includes a soft black case with red trim, fingering chart, joint grease, cleaning rod and thumbrest.

Comments from Shigeharu Hirao and Hiroyuki Takeyama

Recorders have undergone many improvements over a long period of time since the Renaissance, through the Baroque era, when they attained their present form. Baroque original instruments, including and represented by Bressan's, are regarded as the most exquisite intruments even today and that is our opinion too. This means that for this model G-1A, how faithfully we reproduce the original is the key aim. In order to acheive this aim, the degree of perfection and integrity of the original recorder that we based its design on are the vital factors - above all, it has to have a stable sound.

We believe that this newly developed G-1A is the best modern Bressan model that we can hope for, with all our experience and knowledge poured into it.